The Point of Pines Yacht Club encourages and promotes yachting, friendly relations, and the mutual welfare of the residents of the Point of Pines. We have several membership types including:

  • Full (boating)
  • Associate (boating)
  • Social (non-boating – Note: Due to Covid 19, new Social memberhsips are not being accepted for the 2020 season)

Associate members are newer, junior boating members. As spots open in the Full boating membership list, we draw from the Associate list based upon seniority and in accordance with our constitution. Social members are non-boating members who enjoy the amenities of the club — lounge, deck, beach.

Applying for Associate Membership

If you are interested in an associate membership,  please call our fleet captain Tim Horgan at (781) 581-5999 (Stoneham Boat Center).

Applying for Social Membership

We offer a limited number of social memberships on a first-come basis, with priority given to returning social members.

Due to Covid 19, new Social Memberships are currenty not being accepted. Please check back later in the year.

Club Assets and Functions

Our clubhouse has a full bar and lounge that is open four nights a week. all year long The food is great and reasonably priced. The lounge has big screen TVs and a gas fireplace.We have bathrooms, showers, and a fish cleaning station. We have an outdoor deck with a canopy, tables and chairs. We have a good beach for the kids to swim and the families to sun.

The social scene is a big part of what makes the club. We have a lot of parties including the opening banquet, the blessing of the fleet, the summer luau, the August turkey fry, the blend-off, the Halloween and Christmas parties, the closing banquet and annual awards/installation of officers. And in between there are a lot of impromptu events including events for the kids. Every weekend in the fall we screen Patriots games in the lounge. Our Super Bowl party this year had well over 100 people.

The club docks docks include water, electric, and wifi. They are protected by cameras and a locked gate.  We have our own gas dock.

How Associate Membership Works

When you first join as a boating member you come in as an Associate member. Associate members pay a per foot dockage fee plus a small membership and utilities fee. You are also required to put in 10 work hours annually. You receive a key which gives you 24/7 access to the clubhouse and docks.

Each year, providing you complete your mandatory work hours, you rise on the Associate member roll in seniority. As spots open up on our Full member list (as people inevitably leave for one reason or another) fter a time (3-4 years years is typical) you’ll be invited to become a full boating member. Full boating members pay a larger annual membership and are required to put in 35 work hours annually. But your dockage fee is significantly reduced. You also become a voting member of the club, and if you like, you can run for office.