Due to member requests the Audit Committee Chair will be providing two services by request only:

  • Boat LOA re-measurements
  • Review of electricity rate tier charge.

If you feel there is a discrepancy in either, please contact me directly by email to setup a meeting.

For a re-measurement YOU MUST BE PRESENT. The committee chair and an additional committee member will be on hand as well for continuity in ruling.

LOA measurement specification terminology can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Length_overall. Please remember we are NOT measuring from bow rails, but WILL measure from the further most tip of the anchor to the end of the swim platform, whether integral to the hull OR bolted to the hull.
Outboards are measured in the down position and to the furthest tip of the cowling cover.

Current Club Electricity Rates

The existing electric rate designation Tier’s are as follows:

  • Associates electricity is included in their dockage price.
  • 23.5’ or less or no plug is $60.00
  • 24’thru 27’ is $95.00, no plug is $60
  • 28’ or greater is 120.00 w plug, and no plug is 60$


Any refunds or additional charge recommendations will be forwarded to the Financial Secretary for appropriate adjustments.

Paul Pisano
Audit Committee Chair